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Giving out Food in Solai, Kenya

Both Rachael and Mark Gotts have been involved in leadership for many years, both experiencing the joys and pain of serving God. In some amazing way, God brought them together in 2016, Mark from the UK and Rachael from Kenya. Rachael, for 10 years, had been working with the people of Solai. She and her two children worked to provide food, clothing, dug wells and empowered women to start their own small businesses. The family looked forward to seeing this expand in Kenya then God spoke. It was time to move the work to Tanzania.

Once in Tanzania, it took about 3 years to grow into the community they would come to serve, Kange, Tanga. In a place where souls were hungry for God's word as Rachael and Mark knew it, two issues stood out that limited this community's ability to thrive; drunkenness and prostitution. Due to these two factors, it has become necessary to take in some of the community's children and provide a safe and stable home for them. Along the way, they also became aware of the struggle surrounding menstrual health and took it up as one to seek solutions for. Through all this a desire was growing. It was the desire to create a safe space where the young members of this community could go to acquire skills, hold meaningful conversations, play, learn more about God's love and enjoy their youth! Now FPCT Tesifa Is A Registered Tanzanian organization which opens up so many possibilities. A Very long-winded process but we praise God and now all of our community has been able to move to Raskazone, near the ocean, still Tanga, but near the children's school. Definately a new season for us all.

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