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We envision, and experience home in our own lives, as a safe place held up by love and where we go to be with family. FPCT Tesifa Children's Home is the embodiment of this. For children coming from unstable backgrounds, it offers a place where they can heal, enjoy their childhood, know peace, discover what they are capable of and receive loving mentorship while growing their sense of family. 


A child's wellbeing is dependent on several things and nutritional health cannot be understated. The compound that holds the home is big enough to grow a regenerative garden and we are absolutely stoked to plant it up with the children knowing that soon enough, they will enjoy preparing meals from a garden they planted. It also offers such wonderful opportunities to teach through play and interaction with the soil.


FPCT Tesifa Children's Home has 6 children ranging from 6 - 16 yrs old and is registered and licenced with The Tanzanian government. We are family together with a house mama and staff. This is never meant to be another childrens home, or an institution, we want to be as close to family as possible. Therefore the kids eat well, are involved in all aspects of life. We have vacations, days out, celebrate birthdays and make sure they have a good education, for most of them if not all, these are all firsts in their lives. 

They all help around the home as they develop life skills, so preparing meals is a family event, we have chickens, rabbits and a dog and they are involved with collecting eggs and feeding the animals. FPCT Tesifa Children's Home is a happy place to be and for us is a complete joy to be part of. Sadly it is normal in Africa for some children's homes to be a way for the owners to make money and better themselves whilst the children live in poor conditions. For us the children come first even if we have to go without. This is God's home, it was His idea and this is all about the children and not us. Now we have one home that we rent, but God has blessed us with 4 acres of land and it is our desire to move everything we are doing to our land and expand to having more homes and having the joy of seeing more children's lives changing just as we are experiencing with this our first family here in Tanzania. We would love to share closer pictures of the children, but sadly the laws of Tanzania don't allow this. 

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