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It's that time again

Well I can't believe Tesifa Home has been located here now for nearly 5 months and what a blessing this home has been to our children who continue to move forward in every aspect, we are so proud of all of them. Soon at the begining of October rent is due again, it comes around way to quickly and we are believing God for a years rent which is £3200, or $4000. Please if you can help with any amount as God leads you, the DONATE button is at the bottom of this blog. All our children have improved so much at school, getting A's and B's in all subjects, they love God and are just amazing children, please help us to continue to invest into their lives. We are still working towards self-sufficiency, but is a slow process. We look forward to building on our land, but for now renting is our only option, so please join with us and give generously. Thank you to all of you who help to make this happen.

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